Does acupuncture hurt?

People visiting for their first treatment frequently ask me about the pain involved. The answer is, as so often in life, something like ‘no, maybe sometimes…’. It really depends where on the body the acupuncture point is located: are there many nerve endings like for instance in the face? Also, pain is quite subjective and on days when we feel weaker (i.e., with or after a cold) we tend to be more sensitive to needles. Finally, needling technique and the needle itself affect the experience of acupuncture.


In conclusion: Acupuncture doesn’t hurt (much) in my practice – partly because my acupuncture style uses few and rather thin needles.



Anyway, if you asked me which materials I work with, then I would first and foremost point to my massage oils and wax for Tui Na and fascial techniques, not at the one-way sterilized, stainless-steel needles:


My treatments often begin with manual work, i.e., on the back. With my hands, I gain detailed information and a deep understanding of the specific energetic characteristics of the meridian system and the (inner) organs. Simultaneously I dissolve blockages, redistribute Qi (energy) and encourage blood flow…, it is both diagnosis and therapy in one – and consequently I need fewer needles for a focused acupuncture treatment.


Two to five needles in corresponding points give a clear and undiluted input to the body’s energy system. This is to re-balance the energies and to strengthen resilience and self-healing entities.

                                       A holistic and gentle approach to help you unfold your potential!